Monday, August 19, 2013

Second Trimester Glee!

I am finally in the second trimester! Although I didn't do much I feel as if i've accomplished something. I also feel very very fortunate. Apparently my baby is having a raucous party inside of me even though I cannot feel it, he or she is probably even sucking its thumb, that crazy kid!

Adorable baby things!!

In other news I have not felt sick for about two and a half weeks now. My energy has come back as well and therefore I don't feel as if I need a nap after lunch… or after work.

Already we've checked a lot of items off of our to do list. 

This weekend Chris disassembled the guest bed that has served as a wonderful laundry sorting surface and junk accumulator in the guest room aka future nursery. It has been shipped off to my brother's house where it will live in one of his 3 (4?) empty bedrooms. I plan to have that whole room cleared out within the next month or so (hahaha?). Is anyone in need of a writing surface? I have a perfectly acceptable white ikea desk that we no longer need. Otherwise it will go up on Craigslist.


We also made a lot of progress on retiling our basement. The original flooring is 10% asbestos tile, and science states that this is bad for your health. It has been on our list for an embarrassingly long time, I will not tell you when we started this project because you won't be my friend anymore. Having a baby in our future has given us the kick in the pants we needed to make it a priority; ahead of watching the entire series of White Collar. If you're having a hard time staying motivated with your home improvement projects, get knocked up and you won't have that problem anymore, I highly recommend it. We are approximately 92% finished with the tile installation! Theory proven.

The last few months (and even before we were expecting- because I am insane) I have been doing lots of research on daycares. I am trying to counteract this crazy wait-list phenomena that is giving me nightmares. I have found a few accredited centers that look very promising! We are scheduled to visit two on September 10th. I will be armed with Gavin de Becker recommended questions. I am not happy that I had to take the day off work, but I am determined to make it worth it so I will also be going to the post office to renew my passport.

That same evening (haha my husband doesn't yet know this!) we will also be going to a Prenatal Conference at Silver Spring Pediatrics to learn about their practice. I am very excited about this because it is very close to Chris's work, our house, they will come in to see your child on the weekends in an emergency, and last but not least, they are rated on the 2012 Top Doctor's in the Washingtonian.

You will hear from me again soon. I'm going to go back in time as I unintentionally skipped over documenting our wonderful trip to upstate New York!

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