Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guess What?!

The secret's out! Christopher and I are so so excited to be parents soonish and meet the little thing in just 6 short months! So far the pregnancy is going really well. Of course I've had some nausea and i'm always exhausted but it hasn't been too bad. As long as I eat frequent small meals I don't feel sick. Christopher is enjoying the additional snack supply in the house.

I crave salty crunchy things and I can't stand eggs anymore, which is funny because I used to love them. My first craving was ketchup!

I am seeing the midwives at Midwifery Care in White Flint and I absolutely love them so far. I will be delivering at Shady Grove Hospital in Bethesda.

Christopher has completed his first baby gear research project, we bought a new family car with great safety ratings. Now who wants to bet on how often she gets washed?

Have a mentioned that my husband is amazing?


  1. Are we betting on baby washings or car washings? Put me down for once or twice a year for both.

  2. Yay profile pictures from a reasonable date! I am so excited for you guys and for these (regular?) pregnancy updates!
    Good luck!